5 Reasons Manufacturing Should Embrace Digital Transformation

5 Reasons Manufacturing Should Embrace Digital Transformation

As a global manufacturer, transforming various aspects of your business into digital process and outcomes is not a new idea. IoT, AI, machine learning, data management; all of these are now a part of every day conversation in the manufacturing sector. Yet, with all of the improvements and innovations taking place within the manufacturing industry, embracing a digital transformation when it comes to marketing and sales, is still a challenge for many organizations.

Marketing automation with a focused customer strategy, can be a great step forward to embracing your digital transformation. Here are 5 reasons you should consider implementing MA software that easily integrates with your CRM.

Customer Focused Conversations Are Critical

Today’s consumer is in charge of their customer journey. They no longer need sales to research or support their purchasing decisions. By the time a customer is ready to buy, more than 65% have already researched and evaluated products digitally before ever engaging your sales force. Ensuring your customer is getting their information on the types of products and services that you provide from you builds awareness, trust and the beginning of a digital relationship that can be enhanced through the power of marketing automation technology.

Provide Sales With High Quality Leads

Many manufacturers have hundreds of thousands of consumers and trade leads, but many of these are in an unknown lead status. You need a way to track lead progression, measure the success of campaigns, and know when to switch your target audience. With the use of marketing automation, manufacturers can reach out face-to-face with their customers. Follow-up emails can be sent within days so that no lead gets left behind, and your automation platform can easily track the effectiveness of all these efforts.

Use Reporting to Show Marketing’s Contribution to Revenue

Data and analytics is not a new idea for you as a manufacturing organization. But are you using data to assess how successful your marketing initiatives are for not only driving leads to sales, but for also showing how marketing contributes to the bottom line? Marketing automation software can provide unique views into the opportunity pipeline. By setting up your own lead scoring process, data can tell the story of how sales and marketing working together can drive more qualified leads and subsequently, increase overall sales opportunities.

Nurture Your Prospect Through a Long Sales Cycle

With long sales cycles manufacturers need to stay in front of customers to meet growing expectations and beat the competition. Marketing automation will empower manufacturer sales and marketing teams to do just that. Customers no longer want to be bombarded with emails and phone calls. It is important to reach out to them at the right time with the right information. Setting up a strategic set of campaigns that are designed with the needs of your target audience, integrate both inbound and outbound tactics and have reporting set up to drive decisions, will put your marketing team on the path towards digital transformation.

Using best practices and creating long-term plans for global marketing automation enablement are crucial to ensuring a revenue-generating marketing engine. Once such a program is in place, you will be able to use the metrics to end unproductive marketing programs while focusing more effort on successful ones.

Starting Small Before Launching Across Your Enterprise

Setting up new digital marketing programs is not easy. Without a strong digital presence, you will not be able to meet your customers where they are already doing research on your products or services. By integrating a marketing automation platform with your CRM, you can quickly launch pilot campaigns to your target audience. These campaigns, which can incorporate inbound and outbound tactics, will help you prove your goals before rolling out enterprise level digital marketing programs.

While other areas of your business are moving forward with technological advances, don’t leave your sales and marketing teams behind. Learn how other manufacturing companies began embracing their digital transformation by integrating marketing automation and a strong customer strategy. The time is now to embrace digital transformation for marketing and sales.


Get Digital. Stay Global. Grow Revenue.

Learn how other manufacturers embraced their digital transformation.

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