4 Marketo reports every user should utilize


Written by Majda Anwar

June 23, 2015

4 Marketo Reports to Measure Marketing’s Impact

Warning: The following blog is intended for Marketo power users, a marketing automation platform. If you are not familiar with this platform, this will sound like Klingon. Click here for an overview of marketing analytics best practices or click here download our white paper – Metrics That Matter.

To some, the Analytics tab in Marketo is a mystery. Most Marketo users that I work with have little to no knowledge of this part of the platform, however, as Revenue Marketers™, we know how important reporting is to monitoring our path through the Revenue Marketing Journey™.  While the Analytics tab is hands down the most underutilized feature in Marketo, there are key reports you can leverage today to measure your marketing impact. Look at these four Marketo reports to measure your marketing success. Keep in mind these reports can utilize subscriptions to send to your sales and marketing leadership!

  • Leads by Source (Opportunity Information Columns) – This is a “Leads by X” report in Marketo that shows opportunity information for all leads created within a certain timeframe. To create this report, make sure to show the opportunity columns on the set up tab of your “Leads by Source: report to see which sources are bringing in the most revenue. Set the subscription to send on a weekly basis.

  • Web Activity Report (Known and Unknown) – This jewel of a report gives the ability for the recipient of the report to click through to see the lead’s Marketo activity record up to 30 days after the report is sent. This is the same link as the “Activity Log” your Marketo power users see on the lead record. This is a great tool for lead owners to see digital body language of their prospects and customers. Create two reports, one with known leads and one with anonymous leads. Send by lead owner on a daily basis.
  • Leads by Status By Owner (create custom columns by vertical) – With the assumption that your lead status field is a reflection of your lead definitions, this report shows you how many leads are assigned to the owner and at what stage they are in the revenue funnel. Is marketing sending over enough qualified leads for all sales reps? Do we see too many disqualified leads with a single sales owner? To create this report, clone the “Leads by Source” report and on the set up tab, group leads by “Status”. Send on a monthly basis. 
  • Program Performance Report (by channel and/or tags) – If your programs and events are set up and running properly within the Marketing Activities tab and you have cost tags on all of your programs, this is a great report to see how much you are paying for successful leads. Compare programs by channel or by tag. The report will show you key metrics such as cost per lead, cost per new lead, and cost per successful leads within each program. Compare costs and cut unsuccessful programs. Congratulations, you’ve found the marketing department more spending dollars for next year!

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