The TPG Models

the tpg model

The Pedowitz Group has created and tested several models that provide the basis for how we understand marketing and for how we engage with our clients.

In early 2010, The Pedowitz Group coined the phrases – Revenue Marketing and The Revenue Marketer - and began using these concepts in all of our client engagements. It just made sense that since marketers were now being held accountable for revenue, we should call this Revenue Marketing. In early 2011, TPG created the Revenue Marketing Journey, which is a 4 stage model that provides an easy way to understand current and future state for B2B marketers. The framework encompasses Traditional, Lead Generation, Demand Generation and Revenue Marketing as the key stages of transformation for any marketing organization.

Most recently, The Pedowitz Group introduced the concept of Revenue Marketing Transformation, defined as marketing transforming from a cost center to a revenue center. Powering this transformation is the RM6, which encompasses six controls of strategy, people, process, technology, content and results. The RM6 is HOW a marketer takes the journey of Revenue Marketing Transformation™.


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