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Revenue Marketing™ requires a slightly different approach to messaging. It is necessary to take a very specific and tactical approach based on a Revenue Marketing mindset, not a marketing communications mindset. In addition, messaging should include a holistic process that includes outbound and inbound multi-channel campaign strategies and tactics.

Creating messaging and campaign copy for emails, landing pages and social is not your ordinary set of writing skills. These writers are a special breed who can integrate messaging, personas, buy cycle stages, calls to action and content breadcrumbs into compelling copy that gets results. A Revenue Marketer creates messaging to encourage valuable digital relationships and prompt your prospect to take specific action – click to download an asset, register for a webinar, etc.

Our Messaging solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing existing campaigns, buy cycle, personas and messaging
  • Messaging strategy based on Revenue Marketing-focused personas and customer buy cycle
  • Repurposing or multi-purpose existing assets with messaging effective for Revenue Marketing™ campaigns.
  • Campaign Writer – augment your existing team

If you’re tasked with delivering a consistent flow of high quality leads to sales that close at a high rate, contact us to review your messaging.


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