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You see it everywhere these days – Content is King. Do you have a content management strategy? What does that even mean?

Content is the fuel for the Revenue Marketing engine and you’ll need LOTS. But even if you have lots of content, that doesn’t mean it’s the kind you need specifically for Revenue Marketing campaigns. In this context, it means engaging content that invites a digital action that can be scored and responded to. It is about creating one piece of content that can be used in at least four different ways.

The Pedowitz Group will help you develop Revenue Marketing content that is aligned by persona and by stages of the client buy cycle. The content performance will be constantly assessed and improved. We’ll give you both the knowledge and tool set required to meet all your content needs.

Our Content services include, but are not limited to:

  • Content audit – assess and determine what content you need; develop new assets and/or repurpose existing assets; ongoing content development plan
  • Defining the customer buy cycle, digital personas, content usage and type, campaign messaging; aligning and prioritizing content accordingly
  • Competitive analysis to validate (both internal and external) buy cycle, personas, content types/usage, customer pain points and messaging
  • Create, test, execute and measure all aspects of campaigns and content performance. Ensure a consistent flow of high quality leads to sales that close at a high rate. Is proficient in MA and CRM.
  • Campaign Writer – copy for emails, landing pages and social. Integrate messaging, personas, buy cycle stages, calls to action and content breadcrumbs into compelling copy that gets results. Repurpose/multi-purpose existing content to stretch use of your current assets.

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