Client Comments

client comments

“We could not have implemented our instance of Marketo in the time frame we did without the expertise and training we had from The Pedowitz Group. As a busy and small marketing department we quickly learned that we could go to the experts or muddle through the implementation and learning while we continued to take care of the details of our marketing department. We opted for bringing in the experts to work with us and teach us best practices. We are thrilled with Marketo, and as a result of the work of TPG’s consultants, we are seeing results faster than we would have if we went on our own.”

“TPG’s continued support is making us even more efficient in our meeting invitation flow process and all other aspects of our advisor communications. Their consultants are true partners to our business and we really feel like they are part of our team and have our best interests covered. They have gone above and beyond my expectations and my entire team really feels like they have our backs. They have truly made us look good at the firm! I can’t thank them enough for the fine work they have accomplished and my marketing team looks forward to working with them on an ongoing basis.”

–Juliann Jaffe, Brinker Capital

Brinker Capital gave TPG a 10 out of 10 Net Promoter Score


“Working with The Pedowitz Group was crucial to our success in implementing the Eloqua system. Not only were they helpful with the software integration, they provided strategic insights and effective training.”

–Brendan Burke, Larry Miller Sports and Entertainment


“Solid project management – Got to understand our key business drivers and challenges quickly – Work well at all levels of the business from manager level through to executive – All round great people to work with – Delivered according to the SOW.”

“Good understanding of our business – Strong project management skills”

–Rachel Dennis, Getty Images


“They are very knowledgeable about both Marketo and Salesforce. They are great consultants and will notify you if there is a simpler or better way to do something. The whole team has been great to work with. We especially are appreciative for the revenue engineers, whom Wendy has called upon to help with some other issues we have had. They are both always willing to step up and help us troubleshoot our issues.”

“Our revenue engineer’s ability to see through where we were to where we wanted to be, and his willingness to work with us to find the path to get there, was a huge benefit. He was always willing to answer questions that may have strayed beyond the SOW, to ensure that we were making the best decisions for our overall sales support efforts, and not simply the marketing automation implementation. His willingness to go the extra mile when there was an issue to address, despite late hours or weekend deadlines, was greatly appreciated by the entire team.”

–John Lewellan, Elsevier, 12/23/11

Elsevier gave TPG a 9 out 10 Net Promoter Score


“I’ve found The Pedowitz Group a really good company to work with. As expected, they are very knowlegable about Marketo and are great at training us on it. I find my consultant an invaluable asset. She has all the strengths you would expect of somebody in her role, patience, knowledge, understanding, etc., but wrapped up within this is an excellent teacher with really good strong communication skills.”

–Global Telecom Company

This Global Telecom Company gave TPG a 10 out of 10 Net Promoter Score


“The Pedowitz Group consultants have a great knowledge about Marketo and are very resourceful. They were instrumental in helping us build our Lead Scoring, Revenue Cycle Model and RCA reports. I enjoyed working with such a highly experienced team and I have learned a lot from them.”

“Working with TPG was seamless. They were always on top of capturing all meeting discussions and booking sessions quickly. Our consultant was always a patient trainer and quick to offer tips, tricks, best practice and advice beyond the marketing automation system. Her knowledge of marketing lead generation was obviously vast and one of the best resources we have. In addition, the solution engineer was always keeping our best interests in mind where integrations were concerned.”

–International Communications Company

This International Communications Company gave TPG a 10 out of 10 Net Promoter Score


“Given the short lead time, and our inexperience with On Demand Marketing (ODM), TPG clearly showed their experience as marketers that know the tool well. The overall experience, in general, was really eye opening and provided the foundation for what we hope is a spring board to our marketing automation efforts going forward.”

–Nelson Contreras, Terex

Terex gave TPG a 9 out 10 Net Promoter Score


“TPG’s support during our MA implementation was invaluable to the success of the program. From the first conversation we had, their expertise was evident; but more importantly, their passion for the tools, for efficiency and for customer service was palpable. Throughout the project, I became reliant on their straight-forward style. It would have been much easier to sit back and know the things were getting done correctly because TPG was doing them, but they would not allow me to take the easy route.

They were, and remain, a teacher. I was constantly aware that their end goal was to make the implementation successful, but a close second was to make me comfortable with the tool and ready to hit the ground running when I was on my own.”

–US Services Company

This US Services Company gave TPG a 10 out 0f 10 Net Promoter Score


“On a more personal note, the TPG consultant is just a fabulous person. She made me feel comfortable asking questions, pointing out flaws, and was always willing to troubleshoot until any issues were resolved. Her personality is a perfect fit for her role: part tough-love educator, part technical analyst, part nose-to-the-grindstone tactician and part delightful friend. Finally, the fact that The Pedowitz Group team obviously get along and have a good relationship I think added to the success of our partnership. Their strengths and weaknesses complemented each other perfectly.”

–US Professional Services Company

This US Professional Services Company gave TPG a 10 out 0f 10 Net Promoter Score


“The Pedowitz Group revenue engineer is a marketer. He thinks like a marketer; he coaches like a marketer; he acts like marketer. His expertise and willingness to share personal experiences absolutely led to a large part of the success of our marketing automation implementation program. Since he has “been there-done that”, we were able to integrate best practices from the start of the program. But even more important, he was able to understand where our business was different (or where we wanted it to be) and was able to adjust his recommendations so we landed on an outcome that fulfilled our vision of “more like our company, less like everyone else.”

–US Professional Services Company

This US Services Company gave TPG a 10 out 0f 10 Net Promotor Score


“We credit getting our MA up and running to the hard work of the TPG team. They are always willing to help us out, they went above and beyond, and they are true experts in marketing automation. They were always willing to share best practices and fixed all issues promptly as we implemented our MA system. They are true experts in their field.”

–Accounting Services Company


“I can’t say enough good things about our Pedowitz Group consultant. She’s patient, smart, and willing to get up at insanely early hours to meet with my colleagues in Europe. She knows Marketo incredibly well but didn’t do things for me; rather, she “taught me to fish” and offered lots of great tips and advice… We love her!”

– Global Air Transport IT and Communications Company


“Everybody that we encountered from Pedowitz was professional and extremely knowledgeable about the Marketing Automation space, specifically around vendors and best practices. I have nothing but glowing things to say about the team, all are stellar!!”

– Paul Simpson, Constant Contact


“Working with TPG has been a great experience. Their employees are well versed on our marketing automation platform (Eloqua), as well as our CRM tool ( Based on my own experience, everyone at TPG is more than motivated to help us succeed, which makes working with them a pleasure.”

–Christine Nero, Foundation Source

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